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The Canadian IT Asset Management Users' Group is a non-profit organization, established in 1992 in response to customer issues with certain vendor practices and rising software costs, and a shared interest to formulate a collective response to same.

CITAMUG participants represent medium to large private and public Canadian organizations from a wide range of industries including banking, retail, insurance, utilities and telecommunications.

Individual and collective experiences, solutions and issues are shared during interactive meetings - informally and through user presentations. By invitation, vendors present their licensing and related business practices or ITAM solutions, and obtain valuable feedback from participants. Special emphasis is placed on identifying and resolving key issues surrounding management of software investments, with a focus on cost and risk reduction, as well as contract and vendor management.

Originally, the focus of CITAMUG was primarily on mainframe software; the focus has been expanded in recent years to include software management on distributed platforms, as well as selected hardware asset management issues (e.g., leasing).

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